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“Go to Barbados!” they said.

“You’ll love it” they chimed.

“Whyyyy would I want to go to Little Britain”, I bellowed. Having had enough of my sort back home, I’ll admit the vision of being bombarded with menus of bangers and mash and ballsy brits on holiday was enough to put me off, but it was quite the opposite. Oh, there were Brits, plenty of them. But they were the linen-clad, Panama wearing, St. Tropez tanned types. Poised in an al fresco setting with the bonus of friendly Caribbean mannerism, such as several ‘good-afternoons’ as you do when the sun is shining, and you’ve got no complaints.

I was sold! This Bajan life was right up my street with the perfect balance of three of my favourite things, fashion, fine dining and the beach.

For the first part of my Barbados travel series, I’ll focus on where I dwelled. Stay tuned for my recommendations on where to dine and what to do.

Dwellings: Waves Hotel and Spa by Elegant Resorts


At the bottom of the stairs to the renewed Waves Hotel and Spa by Elegant Hotels was Veronica, the tourist information assistant who just happened to be originally from Grenada. “I knew you were a Spice (Grenadian) girl; we just have this natural beauty about us”, she bragged. With my slight flustered from flying grin, I coyly accepted the compliment. If Veronica’s pleasantries were anything to go by, I had a strong inclination that this all-inclusive spa and hotel along the Platinum West Coast was going to be a great experience. The check-in process was seamless, the foyer fulfilled my interior porn desires, and the front desks clerks were all darlings.

First Impressions

The beige concrete entrance wasn’t mindblowing. But, the foyer with its appealing assortment of natural textures, in palettes inspired by paradise, that opened out on to a blinding blue beach certainly was. It had the perfect blend of rustic and contemporary furnishing which stimulated my state of well-being. Added to that is the focus on wellness for the mind, body and soul with sunset yoga and meditation. When the lovely ladies advised I had a complimentary spa treatment with my room type, the spa junkie in me was already knocking on the pearly gates to heaven. 

The Room

I couldn’t pull myself away from the beach tones of my oceanfront room, complete with a hard-to-leave King-sized bed, power shower, fresh tropical fruit and tempting balcony view. I finally managed to venture out to find more serenity on the spa-side of the property. There were overhanging palms covering an oasis whirlpool, and a pathway leading to total peace and tranquillity. 


I loved the mesmerising views and chirping birds that would visit during breakfast at Seascape Restaurant. I was utterly charmed by the distinguished customer service that exceeded my expectations over and over again. I’d pick Waves Spa and Hotel anytime for the excellent service, modern setting and a convenient location between Grantly Adams International Airport and the best restaurants, beaches and shopping malls. 

Waves Hotel and Spa 

Photos by DianaDigitalStudios

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