“Go do it! Don’t wait for another day, another hour or another time… go and do it now!” – Kyrzayda Rodriguez | 8.18.78 – 9.9.18 

This blog is called The Return.
It’s a return to something I truly love, a return to sharing the things I’m passionate about, the culture and lifestyle I feel privileged to be a part of and the people who inspire me.

I write this blog after news of the tragic passing of Fashion Blogger, Kyrzayda Rodriguez (@kyrzayda_) who lost her battle with cancer. Kyrzayda continued to create beautiful content that inspired bloggers around the world through all the heartwrenching changes caused by chemotherapy. Since 2013, she has motivated and inspired us all, a true lover of fashion with an unmatchable ability to compose stunning lifestyle shots until the day she left us. Her last words to her dedicated following included the quote above. It was a reminder to continue to do the things I love every day because no excuse beats the ability to stay motivated and consistent while fighting a life-threatening disease. So here goes…
A Day at Maca Bana Resort + Aquarium Restaurant

Following the IG feeds of bloggers and content creators you admire is like having hundreds of digital besties. It’s one of the reasons so many cherished Kyrzayda. If you ever get the chance to meet your digital best friend, the hope is that you hit it off in real life. That was me and Melissa Frusco, lover of all things fashion, travel, beauty and founder of lifestyle blog, The Incogneatist . We instantly connected after a conversation about her views on Grenada. Here’s a snippet…

“It’s pure paradise!  Everywhere you look there is something beautiful. Grenada embodies everything that makes me happy! This is my seventh trip, apart from visiting to see my boyfriend who is studying at SGU, I love the peacefulness and lack of commercialisation in Grenada. It still feels so wholesome and authentic, not like a tourist trap. The fact that I can walk on to any of the beautiful beaches on the island and not see anyone for 30 meters is so refreshing. The privacy makes me feel like I’m in my own world. There’s so much to do (if you’re less of a beach bum than me), there are dozens of waterfalls, rainforest hikes, and so many beautiful places to visit. Working in NYC means I’m always running on full speed, between juggling work and my blog. Busy is an understatement! Grenada allows me to let go and embrace island life. Experiencing such a different lifestyle also helps me appreciate my own. As soon as you step off the plane, be sure to change your mindset, or you’ll spend the entire trip frustrated. Don’t focus on how things work in larger cities, appreciate and respect the difference in lifestyle. Go with the flow! The drinks may come slow, but they’re well worth the wait!” – Melissa Frusco
I shared two of my favourite spots with her, and we did the things that make us giggle with glee, such as creating fashion, lifestyle and travel content that inspire people to live their life to the fullest.
Check out my review on Maca Bana and Aquarium resort below. Click here For the full feature in the House of Coco Home issue.  
Maca Bana Luxury Boutique Resort

Location: If a quick escape to paradise is what you need, look no further than the oceanfront eco-luxury offering at Maca Bana Luxury Boutique Resort. Although near the airport, the resort still boasts all the perfect ingredients of a countryside retreat. A cluster of homely villas spread across a two-acre hillside, which was always the stand-out feature of a relaxing stroll along the captivating Magazine Beach.

Rooms: Seven one and two bedroom villas, aptly named after tropical fruits such as Rock-fig and Paw Paw, create the perfect balance between Caribbean nostalgia and modern necessities. In each villa, you can enjoy the luxury of a fully equipped kitchen, solar powered hot tubs and reliable WiFi access. While you snuggle in a cosy four-poster bed, you’ll rest with the reassurance that the paradisiacal vision in your dreams is just a short walk down the hill.

Food: A Sunday staple for large groups of Grenadian families and friends is Aquarium Restaurant situated on Magazine beach. It will re-open in October 2018 with a renovated look and will surely be the best place to bask in a selection of fusion dishes inspired by West Indian and International cuisine, while being entertained by the waves lapping against the shoreline.

Kered Recommends: If you’re travelling to Grenada during Lobster Season (September 1st – April 30th) follow these simple steps. Step 1. Secure your spot under the shade of a palm tree at the Beach Bar deck. Step 2. Let the waves run away with your thoughts. Step 3. Devour a delicious Lobster Thermidor and wash it down with a fruity rum punch.

Aquarium Restaurant 
Photos by Terel Moore Photography


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  1. She is such an inspiration to me too…even now I still scroll through her IG…her last words were so powerful Keke

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