The Travel Blogger: Sherice Major

“nothing is overnight; the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately”

Name: Sherice Major

Age: 31

Cultural heritage: Bahamas/Jamaican

Place of birth/Residence: The Bahamas

Kiki: What’s the most distinctive memory you have about your upbringing?

Sherice: I grew up with my aunt, one of the strongest women I’ve ever known. She always taught me the value of hard work and working for what you want. She didn’t believe in handouts, and it showed me that whatever I wanted in life, I had to get it myself! Nothing is given to you, you go and take it.

Kiki: So what do you want in life and what do you go out and take?

Sherice: Wow, there are so many things that I am passionate about, but I’ve had to learn to prioritise. I love travelling and a few years ago I set out to encourage people to take breaks and travel the world. I decided to restart my blog SHESOMAJOR and provide people with the inspiration and guidance to see the world. It’s constant work every day but I love giving travel guides, tips, news and simple travel hacks to make their travel planning process a little easier. Making a living from an online business takes dedication and patience! It’s not overnight, but after a while, you hit your stride, and people (advertisers) start to notice. I do plan to provide travel consulting and open a travel shop pretty soon.

Kiki: Ooo Travel consulting and a travel shop sounds very interesting?

Sherice: I think I let the cat out the bag too early! But, I hope to provide more assistance to travellers in the form of consulting and offer some pretty dope travel accessories. Additionally, I may decide to start a small travel group. But, you’ll have to wait and see! *eye wink*

Kiki: What advice would you give to other people who wish to follow in your travel footsteps?

Sherice: Just do it! There is never a right time to do anything, and if you keep waiting, you will never make that first step. We love to say “but, it’s not perfect yet”, but perfection should never be the goal, starting should be. I also would like to say patience is the greatest tool you will need while making your goals a reality; nothing is overnight; the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.

Getting to know you… and everything about you…

Kiki: What song/lyric currently defines your life right now?

Sherice: Lose You by Drake (More Life album). “I’m in it for the glory, no the honour mention. Not tryna be fourth and inches, I’m tryna go the distance… too overly ambitious, too late to fix it.”

Kiki: What can’t you live without?

Sherice: I know this sounds awful, but probably my cell phone, and wifi!

Kiki: Where are you currently coveting right now?

Sherice: This year, I’m dedicated to learning as much of my craft as possible. While I’ve been blogging for some time, there is still a lot that I don’t know, so I’ve invested in myself and every month I purchase a new online course from one of my mentors to upgrade my skill set.

Kiki: Who do you ista-stalk and why?

Sherice: I instastalk @TheBlondeAbroad. She’s one of my favourite travel bloggers; She’s super humble and friendly and her gram is ahhhmazing. She gives me the inspiration to follow my dreams.

Kiki: What’s the next thing on your bucket list?

Sherice: The next thing on my bucket list is to see dancing the Northern Lights. I really want to go to Ireland or Alaska, it’s been a dream that I need to make a reality!

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