Strong brands tell compelling stories and value human connection. Let me help you tell that story

Born and bred in the UK with Grenadian heritage, heart and soul, Kered is a storyteller at her very core.

Through play with painting and poetry in her formative years, Kered is passionate about curating compelling and emotionally engaging stories that have a powerful impact.

With over ten years of experience in digital media, in Kered, you find a tenacious and thoughtful woman. She currently works in the field of marketing, communications and travel journalism with a specialist focus on Caribbean culture, travel and lifestyle. She is sure of her purpose in her profession; to be able to communicate clearly, creatively, and with clarity for the end-user and express brand positioning through a wide selection of channels (digital, social, experiential, direct).

Her people-first mentality and professionalism deliver a lasting impression on her clients and campaigns. As the wearer of many hats, she has an eclectic portfolio that spans the UK and Caribbean, where she seeks always to maintain a positive and strategic thought process dedicated to excellence.