Barbados: The Cliff Beach Club


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“Cedros Bay is the Caribbean's first All-Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free Skincare Line made with 100% Organic Coconut Oil. It's 100% Caribbean and even has recyclable packaging”   Sugar, honey I know, the Island girl glow is all you want. Well, I got the ice tea (see what I did there)! All puns aside, let’s get straight to the point on how you can get your natural glow in moisture-sucking conditions. Cue the new Cedros Bay range from Coconut Growers Association (CGA) Limited, Trinidadian manufacturers who have utilised coconut trees far beyond their ability to shade for over 80 years.  This year CGA Limited decided the world needed to know how to look like a glowing Caribbean goddess. Which led to the launch of All-Natural, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skincare Line Cedros Bay.  I like to keep it real in this space so when I was gifted the full range of products; I used it every Sunday for four months so I can confirm that my sensitive skin loved it as much as I loved the Island Bags packaging.  My favourite product by far is the Coconut Body Scrub! The sugar crystals buff away dead skin cells and the Virgin Coconut oil leave my skin looking and feeling smooth and hydrated. After the scrub, I lather with the Coconut Body Lotion, which includes shea butter, papaya seed and avocado oil which makes me feel, smell and look like the things Caribbean dreams are made of. To be honest, I spend more time sniffing the Coconut Coffee Body Scrub, which puts me in a spa state of mind during my self-care Sunday session. I got the most out of my Coconut Lip Balm while I was in the UK as the sweet Almond oil treated any chapped textures that developed and the Lemon oil…

Stay: Castaway Carriacou

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"Without even realising it, we had been infected by something on Carriacou – not Ziko, dengue or any other mosquito-borne illness, but rather a realisation that life could be very different from the materialistic, fast-paced lifestyle we had grown used to in England" The Islands Issue of House of Coco Magazine is about to drop! As the mags dedicated Caribbean Reporter, I’m uber proud of the inspiring editorials dedicated to island life and travellers who desire connections to culture, people and lifestyle. It’s filled with fifty shades of beautiful blue, romanticising you with the Editors pursuit to remind us all why it's vital to ‘switch off from the world and escape’ and ‘take time away to recharge your batteries’. Words I lived by during a weekend getaway at a self-catered apartment aptly named Castaway in Carriacou. Funnily enough, The Islands Issue includes my travel feature, ‘Why Souls and Hearts are Stolen on the Island of Carriacou’, highlighting the story of a British couple who fell in love with this 13 sq mile island, also known as the ‘Land of Reefs’ for its stunning coral colonies. The irony of it all is that’s precisely what happened when fellow Brits Liz and Martin and owners of Castaway Carriacou visited in 2016. Castaway Carriacou is a brand new fully furnished 2-level, one-bedroom apartment nestled on a hilltop in Hermitage, offering 360 views of Tyrell Bay. Liz and Martin are incredibly hospitable and take pride in giving you a hotel concierge-style greeting with luggage assistance, recommendations and total privacy once your keys are handed over. Magical is the word that best describes waking up to that soothing sunrise and drifting off under a fiery sunset over the stunning views of Saline Island and White Island. You can blame Liz and a bit of Pinterest…

Barbados: Waves Hotel and Spa

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“Go to Barbados!” they said. “You’ll love it” they chimed. “Whyyyy would I want to go to Little Britain”, I bellowed. Having had enough of my sort back home, I’ll admit the vision of being bombarded with menus of bangers and mash and ballsy brits on holiday was enough to put me off, but it was quite the opposite. Oh, there were Brits, plenty of them. But they were the linen-clad, Panama wearing, St. Tropez tanned types. Poised in an al fresco setting with the bonus of friendly Caribbean mannerism, such as several ‘good-afternoons’ as you do when the sun is shining, and you’ve got no complaints. I was sold! This Bajan life was right up my street with the perfect balance of three of my favourite things, fashion, fine dining and the beach. For the first part of my Barbados travel series, I’ll focus on where I dwelled. Stay tuned for my recommendations on where to dine and what to do. Dwellings: Waves Hotel and Spa by Elegant Resorts Check-In At the bottom of the stairs to the renewed Waves Hotel and Spa by Elegant Hotels was Veronica, the tourist information assistant who just happened to be originally from Grenada. “I knew you were a Spice (Grenadian) girl; we just have this natural beauty about us”, she bragged. With my slight flustered from flying grin, I coyly accepted the compliment. If Veronica's pleasantries were anything to go by, I had a strong inclination that this all-inclusive spa and hotel along the Platinum West Coast was going to be a great experience. The check-in process was seamless, the foyer fulfilled my interior porn desires, and the front desks clerks were all darlings. First Impressions The beige concrete entrance wasn’t mindblowing. But, the foyer with its appealing assortment of natural textures, in…

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