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8 Reasons Why You Should Follow This Website in 2018 and Beyond

“Love the life you live, live the life you love” – Bob Marley

I’m excited to introduce the best gift I ever gave myself… my very own URL. In the digital age, this is something special. Launching it today has me reliving the excitement of GoDaddy confirming it wasn’t ‘taken’. So let me give you eight reasons why you should bookmark, follow, like and share.

1. To this day, my West Indian Grandmother, who hails from Paraclete in St. Andrew Grenada has no idea what I do. And until the day I tell her, “Granny I’m a Lawyer”, she’ll not be impressed. But I’m somewhat impressed with the content on this website, and I think you’ll find it useful too, so that’s all that matters. 

2. My name is Kered Asmara Clement, and I have forged a career in the creative field, and I hope that this website will inspire up-and-coming like-minded creatives. For the sake of remembering, my name originated from my Dad’s name spelt backwards (I’ll give you a few seconds to figure it out). But you can call me Kiki as my adoring Mother, who supports me fiercely does.

3. I’m the offspring of two creative Grenadians who let go of the belief that success by Caribbean standards was a Doctor or Lawyer.  Because of their beliefs, I grew up in a home where I was always encouraged to do and pursue whatever made me happy. They are also the reason that this website will be bombarded with updates on how awesome #GrenadianLife is and why you should visit too.

4. I’m the proud wearer of many creative hats… Journalist, Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Art Director, Stylist and Magazine Publisher and literally. I love hats! This website is a compilation of the work I’ve done and continue to do and a testimony to the fact that you shouldn’t let anyone pigeonhole your career goals. You can view my portfolio of work here.

5. I am a magazine fanatic who is proud of her culture and heritage. In my pre-teens when I became more conscious and aware of my cultural identity, I notice that among the stacks of magazines I loved, I couldn’t trail the makeup freebies, I wasn’t the right complexion. I couldn’t try out the hairstyles; my texture wasn’t right. I started to feel excluded and frustrated with not seeing women of different cultures. Actions speak louder than words, so  I did something about it.

6. That something was creating ComplexdWoman, a magazine that would grow to celebrate women of all shades, shapes and sizes, featuring visually diverse and relatable content that empowered multicultural women and read in 180 countries worldwide. You can enjoy all the ComplexdWoman issues produced via this website under Magazine Production here. ComplexdWoman updates on Kiki’s blog will be a continuation of the ComplexdWomen profiles, which I loved the most about producing the magazine.

7. These beautiful photographs were taken on my Birthday (3rd December) at Mount Cinnamon Resort by talented Grenadian Photographer Terel Moore. As-well as featuring my portfolio of work and collaborations. This website will showcase what I truly love about my culture, country and Caribbean lifestyle. You’ll get to find out more about the locations I highly recommend in Grenada and the Caribbean. Stay tuned for a full review of the breathtaking boutique Resort Mount Cinnamon Grenada. What’s more, you’ll get to discover more about talented creative Grenadians like Terel and inspirational people throughout the Caribbean here.

8. Lastly, if you work in the creative field, and like me, you have a Granny that loves you to pieces, but would rather you have a ‘proper’ career. You can always stop by here or follow me at @keredclement for your daily dose of motivation.

I’ll leave you with the resounding words of my great grandmother, whose advice reminded me that no one could dim your shine once it’s brewed with a concoction of self-belief, knowledge, power and self-love.

“Don’t let anyone put you under the table and stand on top of it ” – Great Granny, Catherine ‘Dede’ Ventour.

Love Kiki 

Photographs by Terel Moore 

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