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The Boutique Owner: Charlotte Warren

“I love design, art and fashion, and this venture allows me to dabble in all three of my passions on a daily basis”

Name: Charlotte Warren

Age: 31

Cultural heritage:  Barbadian/ American

Place of birth/Residence: Barbados

Current Residence: Barbados

Kiki: Tell me something memorable about your upbringing?

Charlotte: Looking back on my childhood what stands out as important to me is eating dinner together as a family every night. No matter what, my parents insisted we eat together and talk as a family. This taught me the importance of family.

Kiki: What is helping you pursue a life of fulfilment?

Charlotte: For almost eight years, I dreamed of having a little boutique of my own. At the beginning of this year, I made that dream a reality and opened Salt and City Boutique. I love design, art and fashion, and this venture allows me to dabble in all three of my passions on a daily basis. I also really like people, and watching an insecure person, change into a confident person, by trying on something they never imagined wearing, and loving it on themselves, it just brightens my day!

Kiki: Congratulations on fulfiling your dream! Salt and City, that’s interesting, does it mean anything? 

Charlotte: I love salt living and city life, so Salt and City was inspired by a mixture of what I love about island life and sophisticated living. Our brands are sourced from tropical climates, such as California, Australia and South America, which perfectly compliments our beautiful Barbadian temperatures and spirit. We carry a range of gorgeous products including shoes and accessories for the beach.

Kiki: So what also contributes to brightening your day?

Charlotte: To keep me going throughout the day, I enjoy eating products found locally. I eat lots of freshly caught fish, thanks to my husband’s fishing hobby, and lots of ground provisions. I have a weakness for carbohydrates, so I sneak a bit of pasta in there every once in a while. I practice a bit of yoga, which is great for not only the body but calming my mind.

Kiki: You have a natural/flawless glow in all your style photos. What’s your secret?

Charlotte: I have this thing with masks. I do an Olaplex mask weekly to keep my locks hydrated, and I am always mixing up my face masks weekly depending on what my skin needs. My religious nightly regime product is Tata Harper, Moisturising Mask.

Kiki: What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Charlotte: Don’t worry so much about what people think, and be comfortable with yourself.

Kiki: You make women feel confident every day, what do you love about being a woman?

Charlotte: There are so many amazing things about being a woman. Women are so multifaceted. In one breath, we can be soft and be caring by nurturing our homes and loved ones, and in another, we go for our personal goals.

Getting to Know you… and everything about you …

Kiki: What song/lyric currently defines your life right now?

Charlotte:  My current “girl power” song is Cannonball by Skylar Grey Ft. X Ambassadors.

Kiki: What can’t you live without?

Charlotte: The support of my family.

Kiki: What’s in your online shopping basket right now?

Charlotte: I have to admit, I have a lot of things in my online shopping baskets on a ton of different sites. The thing I love the most, however, is the Charlotte Olympia Kitty slippers in Black/Gold. LOVE.

Kiki: Who do you insta-stalk and why?

Charlotte: KJP and Sarah KJP. They are an insta-couple with a clothing line of their own.  I love the wholesome feel of their brand and the relationship they share on social media. Their brand works with every season, and I secretly envy having seasons while living on an island. They really make you feel the fall and the winter seasons with their pictures.

Kiki: What’s the next thing on your bucket list?

Charlotte: Road trip around Iceland!

Let’s stay connected…

Facebook: Salt & City Barbados

Instagram: @saltandcitybarbados





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