Picture this; I’m waiting to pay for my goods at the supermarket and me and the man ahead of me simultaneously turn to the very red and in your face Valentine’s display. Before I have time to pan across, he lets out a very loud and long stupessssss (kissing his teeth). 

We both laugh, and he schools me the importance of showing love every day. I completely get it; we can all agree that Valentine’s Day is massively commercialized. But, instead of the epic suck teeth, I focus my energy on self-love, care, and supporting my favourite small businesses in Grenada. 

Valentines Day gifting all started with my mother dear. Way before boyfriends; my mother would buy my brother and me a simple but sweet gift. Some years it was heart printed socks and undies, and other years it was a tasty mini treat like tiramisu. I love this family tradition and continue it with my closest loved ones to this day. 

With the very unromantic raging pandemic still trying to ruin our lives, we may not be able to wine and dine outside to the wee hours of the night, so here’s 8 unique products that will allow you to create the perfect VDay experience at home. Here goes…

Love Yourself: Self-care is important, after all

OMI Grenada

Sheba Augustine, the woman behind the OMI brand, believes that self-care is essential and not a luxury, but that does not mean that it should not be a luxurious experience. Indulge in the simple luxury of OMI’s Frequency of Love Gift Set. I love the Honey Rose Sugar Scrub and Beloved Rose Oat Milk which will have your skin feeling oh-so-soft. This is a great option to gift yourself or even that special someone in your life. Find out more here

The Wrap Chic Sleep Box

Terrie-Ann pours lots of love into what she does daily, by affirming herself first and then creating products that will help bring joy and confidence to women. Her selection of head wraps, bonnets and linen mists in the Relax Sleep Repeat self-care kit will give you exactly what you need to pamper yourself and add some simple luxuries to your VDay experience. Discover all the night time essentials included in each box here 

Shodhana Naturals

Create the ultimate spa experience at home with aromatherapy from Shodhana Naturals. Relaxation for the mind, body and soul is at the heart of self-care and these natural herbs and fragrances will help to create that perfect atmosphere of pure relaxation and bliss. Check out these nicely packaged gift ideas here.

Set the Mood: What is Valentine’s Day without romance?

All Good Things Soy Candles

Dim the lights and set the mood with soy candles from All Good Things that melt into the perfect massage oils. Scents such as Sea Glass, which is a relaxing combination of white lilac and driftwood with a touch of sea spray will leave you feeling and smelling dreamy. Grab one before they go here.

Ruby Alexander

Inspired by the Caribbean and hand-poured with love and positive energy. With fragrances such as Spice Isle, Grand Anse and Lymin, these candles from Ruby Alexander will be sure to infuse the warmth of Grenada into your VDay experience. Check out all the amazing fragrances available here.

Love Your Belly: Because food, am I right?

Tipsy Cupcakes

Caryl of Tipsy Cakes believes that it’s hard to be upset when you’re eating a cupcake, and I must agree, but it’s even harder when you bite into a fluffy and moist Bailey’s infused cupcake aptly named Bae. Check out her Valentine’s Cupcake Menu here.

For Your Sweetheart: Treating that special someone in your life

Get Personalised Creations

There is no better way to express love than by gifting someone a one-of-a-kind piece that is crafted especially for them. Give that special someone a keepsake item that was made with them in mind. Now how about this new take on a bouquet of flowers right here.


Fellas, gift the woman in your life a piece of jewelry specially crafted to create feelings of joy, love and enchantment. These intricate hand-crafted pieces by Nicole de Gale will be the perfect thing for her to add to her wardrobe and is sure to become an instant favorite. Take a look at some of what she has to offer here.

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  1. Delightful and Refreshing read about local products we can gift to our partners on any day, not just Valentine’s Day!!

    1. Absolutely, Cyndica! You know how I feel about self-care and these are the perfect products to use when you want to pamper yourself. Supporting local businesses is the added bonus. I hope you try some of these products.

      1. Love this blog… so refreshing and the quality of the products are amazing. Would be nice the have a directory of local products !

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