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“With active ingredients like guava, raw sugarcane, wild yam, passion flower and seaweed the Red Lane Spa experience and Red Lane Products were designed with island living in mind! There’s even a range called Spice, inspired by the enchantment and warmth of Grenada and infused with the scent of nutmeg, clove and ylang-ylang.”

As a certified spa junkie and firm believer in the importance of a consistent skincare regime, I wish someone told me (before I sealed every single one of my products with masking tape) there’s a huge chance they wouldn’t result in the flawless effect I was so used to when used in a humid Caribbean climate. Cue… my Flawless Facial at Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa, where I discovered Red Lane Spa and Red Lane Products.

Ninety glorious minutes at the hands of a fantastic therapist originally from Jamaica, my face, head, back and shoulders regained its radiance. My mind transcended to my favourite majestic place in the West Indies and my body fully rejuvenated by a medley of products and methods inspired by the best remedies and traditions found in the tropics. What’s more, Grenadian residents and Caricom passport holders pay 50% of the regular USD treatment price, which in my view is excellent for such a quality service, and highly trained and skilled spa therapist that has worked throughout the region.

Since my transition to the tropics, I’ve battled with finding the right facial skincare. I have an abundance of natural blends of coconut oil based body products, but with oily/combination skin, I’ve been faced with hot and sweaty challenges (no pun intended). Before my treatment, I had a sniff and sample fest with the testers and with active ingredients like ginger, guava, raw sugarcane, wild yam, lemongrass, passion flower and seaweed they certainly complimented the aromas of the Caribbean. Naturally, I got hooked on the Island Essence range, which has an alluring blend of sweet mangoes and jasmine. There’s even a range called Spice, inspired by the enchantment and warmth of Grenada and infused with the scent of nutmeg, clove and ylang-ylang. But! Before I burst the budget, I ensured to have my treatment first to see how they responded to my skin.

The Treatment

My Flawless Facial entailed a deep pore cleanse, gentle exfoliation, and a luminosity-boosting blend of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and plumping peptides. If you don’t know what the latter means, let’s say my face was plumped back to life! I felt so good after, I went on a rare impulse splurge and purchased the products recommended by my Therapist. And some months later, I’ve boxed up my old British products, and I’m a dedicated user of the Red Lane and Sanitas Skincare products.

The Experience

My Red Lane Spa experience involved a refreshing infused water and access to the showers, sauna, lockers and relaxation area. And when the extremely tentative and helpful team, especially the lovely Andy, told me more about the Happy Hour Spa Party experience I was utterly sold on another session of pampering, this time with my favourite ladies. The Happy Hour Experience includes a selection of fruity cocktails with sangria notes of mango, melon, peach and strawberry or green melon, cucumber, basil and grape seed oil. Then you select a spa treatment that you can enjoy with up to 6 or more of your girlfriends.

The Products*

I firmly believe it worked for me because the Red Lane Spa experience and each Red Lane Product is designed with island living in mind. They put connection, time and love at the heart of every treatment and with Therapist from in the Caribbean they genuinely know how to advise you with the old wives tales they’ve grown up with and the modern developments in beauty and skincare. It’s the perfect combination to keep you glowing under the Caribbean sun.

I started my regime with the Summer Glow Brightening Kit, which intended to help me enhance my island girl glow. Every self-care Sunday, I’d do the following:

Step 1: I lather and massage Island Essence Cleansing Milk into the face using my fingertips to make circular motions. It removes makeup well and still leaves your face feeling moisturized after.

Step 2: I spread a thin layer of Sea Breeze Nurturing Mask over my face and neck and scare anyone in site for about 10 minutes. The Sea Breeze range has the scent of lemon myrtle, passion flower and its infused with seaweed and sea whip. It has a soothing and calming effect and leaves my skin feeling soft when removed with a damp face towel.

Step 3: I put a pea-sized drop of theIsland Essence Illuminating Serum into my hand and massage it into my clean skin. At first, I was sceptical about using it too often as my skin can be oily in areas, but with plant-derived agents and vitamin C, it helps illuminate my skin.

Step 4: I finish the process by massaging the Island Essence Contouring Cream into my skin. I absolutely love the velvety texture and sweet mango scent. 

*This post is not sponsored and detail the products and process I personally use

The Mother’s Day Gift

My mother was and is still a significant part of my commitment to looking after my skin. She’s always stressed the importance of maintaining a daily skin care routine, exfoliating once a week and having a good massage at least once a month to release tension.

In celebration of Mother’s Day (USA), I’d like to help my readers in Grenada treat their mothers with a Red Lane Spa Goodie Bag courtesy of Red Lane Spa at Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa, which includes a Red Lane Body Scrub, Brightening Serum and Anti-Aging Moisturizer.

Follow these three steps to enter:

  1. Follow @KeredClement and @SandalsResorts on Instagram
  2. Like and comment under the promo post here letting us know why you or your mum should win a Red Lane Spa Goodie Bag.
  3. Share the post with more mothers.
Terms and conditions: Entrants must be 18+ years and older. Residents of Grenada. Not employees or affiliates of Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa or Red Lane Spa. Promo Period: 12/05/2019 to 13/05/2019. Entrants must follow the guidelines and have an active Instagram account. An independent judge will select winners. This prize is non-transferable.

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