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Laluna Resort Grenada: For Lovers and Dreamers

“The absence of luxury is a luxury within itself.”

I don’t need any excuse to saunter around Laluna, Grenada’s most romantic resort, but seen as its Valentine’s Day and you’ve virtually twisted my arm. I’ll be there, stuck in time overlooking the majestic Portici Beach succumbing to a soul-stealing sunset.

Laluna is the epitome of barefoot beach chic and luxury lax living, and it’s my all-time favourite place and one of the most hypnotic locations in Grenada. Dear I say, it’s the ultimate destination for dreamers, lovers, intimate weddings and honeymooners in the Caribbean. It offers total peace and tranquillity with fertility statues stationed around the resort warning off children on the loose while welcoming couples looking to rekindle love and romance.

Here are a few reasons why you should celebrate love at Laluna!

Cosy Cottages:

A blend of Balinese, Caribbean and Italian influences characterise the rich palette, which does an excellent job at placing you into a deep slumber. Each cottage faces far-reaching views of the ocean, and the wet room is no exception. An extremely addictive outside shower and plunge pool ensure you are constantly immersed in paradise. Imagine washing your worries away while gazing at the ocean. Just one sleep is all it takes to devote hours to lounging in bed and staring into space.

What Laluna’s cottages offer is the absolute necessities any humans needing rest requires, and that’s long pillows, a four-poster bed with linen draping, ocean views, warm showers and cushions, lots and lots of comfy cushions.

A Taste of Italian in Grenada:

It’s certainly a treat that one of the owners is Italian so you can enjoy the authentic taste of Italy at Laluna’s beachfront restaurant. Under thatched-roof, dreamy candlelight, the finest Italian ingredients, and the allure of their illuminated pool at night, you’ll fall in love all over again. I’ve been a tiramisu addict for as long as I can remember, so if you’re also a fan and find yourself your miles away from Europe, on a beautiful Caribbean island with a restaurant that knows how to do tiramisu, don’t pass it up! 

A Sunset that will Steal Your Heart

At 5.30 pm, charge your camera or smartphone, throw on something comfortable, order a Laluna Colada, dust the sand off your feet and secure a sun lounger, daybed or hammock to witness one of the most spectacular sunset views experiences on-island.

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Photography by Terel M Photography

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  1. Thanks Kered for your great blog feature of your experience with us at Laluna. We love how you manage to capture the beauty of Laluna. We hope to see your again at Laluna, gracing is with your stylish classy stylin.

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