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The Celebration Issue

The Team

Editor-in-Chief - Kered Clement

Sub Editor - Darcel de Vlugt

Creative Directors

Nicolas and Julie Fuhr

House Photographer - Frederique Rapier

Contributing Photographers

Irene Nagayo

Simret Cheema Innis 

Stephanie Ifill

Robert Leon

Editor’s Letter – Happy first anniversary to Complexd Magazine! Complexd was launched in 2010, but the concept has been in my psyche since the age of 13 when I realised the magazines I loved didn’t represent me. I subscribed to them each month but felt alienated from the pages. I loved the hair and beauty tips, but I couldn’t try them because they didn’t work for my hair texture or skin complexion. This frustration birthed the concept of Complexd, featuring diverse content that celebrates women of all shades, shapes and sizes.

Magazine Production