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Beauty – Body Issue

The Team

Editor-in-Chief  - Kered Clement

Sub Editor - Darcel de Vlugt

Creative Director - Rachel Irwin

House Photographer - Frederique Rapier

Contributor - Simret Cheema Innis


Editor’s Letter – I have always wanted this magazine to be inclusive of all women. When one of my female relatives joked that she would like to see her 45-year-old self on one of the covers of Complexd, I thought why not! When we interviewed our cover woman Yasmina Rossi and mature model Melissa Doucouré we discovered fierce and forceful personalities with a wealth of exciting stories and experiences to share. This issue looks at perceptions of Beauty and the Body. We talk to women who have set up beauty brands with a difference and photographers that are inspired by the female body. We hear from women who are coming to terms with their insecurities, and we feature the women encouraging all women to be positive about their bodies.

Magazine Production