Numad – All Natural Products For The Modern Nomad

“A natural skincare brand that’s good enough to eat”

It was a so-called summer day in London. As I contemplated getting my calves out, I looked down on skin resembling a dreary-looking grayscale Google map. It was in that moment that I developed an immense appreciation for my ‘Island Gal’ glow.

Cue, my long-awaited desire to find a product that bottles Grenada’s goodness so I could take it with me anywhere in the world! That product is Numad, namely my Nutmeg and Tangerine Body Butter infused with actual nutmeg, cocoa and essentials oils. It saved my legs that day!

When Grenadian Designer, Developer and Digital Marketer, Kenroy George approached me with Numad, a newly launched all-natural skincare brand, it was luxury at first sight. Some years of commercial bombarding from skincare brands later, I can’t pretend that pretty packing does not appease me. So it was refreshing to see a Grenadian product with branding that would hold its own in the beauty hall of a high-end department store.

Upon the first scrutiny of my Numad products, there was no mumbling, and confused squint trying to sound out ingredients. I was able to identify every single component, and you can bet your money that I’m one of those people who loves a hair and skincare product that’s good enough to eat.

Ladies and gents, let me tell you! When I unscrewed the lid of Numad Chocolate Body Butter for the first time, I had a throw your head back and closed eyes moment. The smell was overwhelmingly amazing. After all, it contains real dark chocolate. And as the natural aphrodisiac should, I felt like a goddess after one layer of lathering. It gave my skin a radiant, hydrated and healthy glow, and with alluring aromas, it’s quite addictive, probably the next best thing to the Lynx effect in natural form.

I spoke with co-founder Kenroy George on a rock side overlooking the raging sea to find out more about it.

Kiki: How did the Numad brand come about?

Kenroy: It was a failed collaboration that led to the conception of the Numad brand. I was sitting in a beautiful apartment overlooking the beach in Rabat, feeling sorry for myself. I was pondering on the fact that I wanted to marry travel, development, and a minimalist lifestyle. I saw too much potential in a brand like Numad to let the initial concept that came out of the collaboration go to waste.

Kiki: How did you make it all possible?

Kenroy: A Grenadian woman I met named Wendy-Ann George makes the most amazing natural products. I was sold the first time I experienced her products, and we began developing the brand. It motivated me more to launch it in my first home Grenada before taking it to Morocco.  

Kiki: What does the name mean?

Kenroy: It’s a play on the word Nomad, which is what I wanted to call the brand initially, but it was far too popular, and I didn’t want it to get lost amongst the many other brands with that name. It’s a merge of the alt spelling of new and nomad.

Kiki: You describe the brand as being perfect for the modern Nomad, who would you say that is?

Kenroy: The quintessential modern nomad is inspired by everything about the places they travel to, down to every detail. They travel light so they can move to the next destination on a whim if they have to, even so, they are still the type of person that gets so connected to the surroundings, whether it be the smell, texture or taste, they want to bottle up the experience and take it with them.

Kiki: I certainly get the smell and texture of Grenada from the launch range, tell me more about your Grenadian heritage and why you started here instead of Morocco?

Kenroy: I was born here but moved to the USA when I was around 10. I decided to move back recently to find ways to contribute while I’m young while utilising my skill set. Grenada has a lot to offer, and we have to tell the right stories. Grenada has the most amazing natural resources, and there is a growing body of people looking for products that are less toxic to themselves and the environment. I want to share my heritage and connect with those people while making the experience exciting. The brand has room to expand into other niche markets so look out for other offerings in the coming years.

Kiki: I 100% agree, I love the fact that it’s all natural, but what’s the shelf life?

Kenroy: We use small quantities of citric acid in our products. It’s a natural preservative and gives our products an average shelf-life of up to 2 years.

Kiki: That’s amazing! And, there are so many products in the range, what would you recommend or what do you use daily?

Kenroy: The Hemp and Avocado are great for your hair and skin. The Nutmeg and Tangerine Body Butter helps with alleviating stretch marks, burns, fungus, eczema, and mosquito bites. The Vanilla and Chocolate Body Butters are great for sensitive skin. The Citrus Mist apparently repels mosquitoes, and you can smell great doing it.

Kiki: What do you see for Numad 5 years into the future?

Kenroy:  We want to continue travelling, finding great all-natural products, and bringing it to an international market. Eventually, we will build travel experiences around the products.

Kiki: There are so many natural products on the market now, why should we buy Numad?

Kenroy:  Numad is a multi-sensory experience. Before you even open the lip, the scent knocks you off your feet. The aroma wraps you in a cocoon of awesomeness. The textures and afterglow speak for themselves. It’s so good and so natural, you just might eat it!

Find out more at https://numad.co/



Photography by Kenroy George 

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  1. This product is amazing, am using it and ilove love especially the lemongrass body oil oh gosh the smell,smoothness, silk body,and its so relaxing, when i use at night i fall asleep faster and gets up relax. Believe you me massage your spouse and it will be a fun night. I will surely support this.

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