Barbados: The Cliff Beach Club

A Labour of Love

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"You want to earn money and be successful. Think harder, think deeper and think longer"  The hostility of this seemingly harmless vexed-face man departed when he handed me a bag. The wrinkles in his forehead softened as he anticipated my response to his unexpected gift. ‘Love You’ was the messaged stitched into the bottom of the vibrant flotsam and fishing net accessory. I pulled up a dilapidated chair, steady enough to serve some purpose and excitedly expressed, “Wow! Do you know how much these bags would go for in London?”. “Of course, that’s why my things cost $100 US dollar!”, he boldly replied, resting his head against the decaying texture of an abandoned wooden hut. Meet Jacob Scott, a forthright Vincentian artisan who turns washed up trash into treasure. Armoured with a silver thimble and needle, he painstakingly patches together his finds and transforms them into things that forward-thinking fashion followers would covet. Before I could inform him of this fact, he continued. “All of them love my things. I have been featured in all of those fashion magazines, like Vogue”. My bags go all over the world, stocked in a lot of shops, but I like it here, I don’t want to work for nobody, I like making my bags on my own time and letting them go and sell it to the famous people”. I quickly established that Jacob is my kind of guy. He knows that the value in his bags, made with disregarded materials, is in his ability to skillfully labour for hours. What’s more, he’s not afraid to show it. You can count on him to pull out his plastic folder of tearsheets from high-end fashion magazines. The kind that up-and-coming designers only dream about. In societies opinion, Jacob has nothing. No elaborate pillars on…

The Marketer: Jeneque Pinnock

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"Don’t allow your trust in timing to be an excuse for complacency. Go looking for opportunities!" Name: Jeneque Pinnock Age: 23 Place of birth/Residence: Jamaica Kiki: What's your earliest childhood memory growing up in Jamaica?  Jeneque: From as early as I can remember, I understood that education, was ‘the great equalizer’ that could change anyone’s circumstances. Neither of my parents went to university and because of that, they instilled the importance of higher education in me. It’s no wonder that during Miss Jamaica World 2017 I was most passionate about tutoring, volunteering and lending my voice to issues of education and youth development. I went on a nine-day trip to Africa through my involvement with the Shashamane Sunrise, a charity and volunteer organisation that supports children’s education in developing countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Our team visited Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda and delivered school supplies and furniture. We contributed to building renovations and interacted with the students through confidence-building exercises. To say it was the experience of a lifetime is putting it lightly! Kiki: We love seeing you live your best life on Instagram. What do you do for a living?  Jeneque: For almost 3 years, I worked as an Account Executive at a full-service media, advertising and production company in Jamaica. I’ve always been very passionate about people so I find it fulfilling being in a communication-intensive role, which involves continuous dialogue between clients, stakeholders and other team members. I am currently transitioning into my new role as a Digital Marketing Manager and I’m ready for the challenge! I also love giving back and impacting others in some way. If I can look back on my life during my final days (hopefully many decades from now), and feel like I was able to impact, influence and/or improve the…

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