The Architect: Irina Kostka

8 Reasons Why You Should Follow This Website in 2018 and Beyond

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“Love the life you live, live the life you love” – Bob Marley

I’m excited to introduce the best gift I ever gave myself… my very own URL. In the digital age, this is something special. Launching it today has me reliving the excitement of GoDaddy confirming it wasn’t ‘taken’. So let me give you eight reasons why you should bookmark, follow, like and share. (more…)

The Travel Blogger: Sherice Major

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“nothing is overnight; the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately”

Name: Sherice Major

Age: 31

Cultural heritage: Bahamas/Jamaican

Place of birth/Residence: The Bahamas

Kiki: What’s the most distinctive memory you have about your upbringing?

Sherice: I grew up with my aunt, one of the strongest women I’ve ever known. She always taught me the value of hard work and working for what you want. She didn’t believe in handouts, and it showed me that whatever I wanted in life, I had to get it myself! Nothing is given to you, you go and take it. (more…)

The Boutique Owner: Charlotte Warren

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“I love design, art and fashion, and this venture allows me to dabble in all three of my passions on a daily basis”

Name: Charlotte Warren

Age: 31

Cultural heritage:  Barbadian/ American

Place of birth/Residence: Barbados

Current Residence: Barbados

Kiki: Tell me something memorable about your upbringing?

Charlotte: Looking back on my childhood what stands out as important to me is eating dinner together as a family every night. No matter what, my parents insisted we eat together and talk as a family. This taught me the importance of family. (more…)

The Architect: Irina Kostka

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“As an Architect, to be entrusted with a clients dream home, develop my built environment and create a comfortable, livable space is the most rewarding”

Name:  Irina Kostka

Age:  31

Cultural heritage:  German/Grenadian

Place of birth: Grenada

Current Residence:  Grenada

Kiki: Tell me something memorable about your upbringing?

Irina: My entire upbringing growing up in Grenada was memorable. Back then our parents weren’t as worried about our safety, so we were allowed to explore independently from an early age. As a child, I roamed freely and it’s played a big role in defining who I am today.


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